Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world that we should visit


Travelling is the way by which we come to know about so many wonderful places in the world and is a completely revitalizing journey for the soul. There are some really breathtaking cities in the world which everyone should visit for a lifetime experience. Once you will visit these cities it will feel like one has transcended to another world which was never even known before. These cities are scattered in different parts of the world, thus you should begin saving from today itself if you have a zeal to explore these magnificent places.

1.Venice in Italy

You can find Venice city in the north eastern side of Italy and those who have visited this place instantly give it the title of the most beautiful place they have ever seen in the world. This city is not just alluring but it is completely unique because everything is built on water. Many times it is also called as the City of Water. The architectural and cultural heritage of this place is simply beyond explanation. This place should definitely be on the top of your list.

2.Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is simply heaven to be in. This is the second largest city in Brazil. The natural surroundings and beaches in Rio de Janeiro are just fabulous and this is a place that you should visit with your entire family. It is a famous tourist spot and has gained a lot of popularity due to football games and Samba dance. This city has a rich cultural heritage and is known for conducting amazing carnivals, Olympic Games, Paralympics games, International Film Festival, World Cup and many other events.

3.Paris in France

The most romantic city in the world is undoubtedly Paris. If you are planning a trip with your loved one then this is the perfect place to be in. It is for sure one of the most beautiful cities that you will ever get to see and the architectural setup is beyond brilliance. Paris is also the capital of France which makes it a favorite tourist spot in the country. Eiffel tower and exotic French cuisines are the things that you should definitely not miss in Paris.

4.Amsterdam in Netherlands

Amsterdam is a major port city and one of the most wonderful locations in the world. Amstel River is very famous in this city and one of the channels that was been built in the city is included in the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. The sea view is going to relax your nerves instantly and is known for its finger licking traditional cuisines. Amsterdam is a place that conducts film festivals and artist based festivals from time to time. The nightlife in this city is also really great.

5.Prague in Czechoslovakia

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and also the largest city in the country. What makes this city completely different from all the other places is its architectural heritage which is the main attraction point for tourists all over the world. This place is a hub for educational institutions, thus if you are planning further studies then you can definitely think of an option to be in this beautiful city and pursue your education side by side.

6. Bruges in Belgium

Bruges can be found in the north western region in Belgium and it is the heart of the country. Because of its glory and magnetism it is also referred as the Venice of the North. The architecture is stunning and captivating. It has also grabbed a position in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. Church of Virgin Mary is the place in this city that is a centre of attraction for tourists all over the world. The city is also famous for Bell Tower, concerts, museums, exhibitions, art galleries, food festivals, theaters and a lot of other things.

7.Lisbon in Portugal

Lisbon is an adorable city and the main thing that you will notice here is that the architecture is really diversified. Thus think about any architectural setup like the Gothic style, Roman designs, modern era setup or any other style, you will get a glimpse of everything at this place. It is also the capital city of Portugal and holds the status of being the largest city in the country as well. Name anything like entertainment, arts, educational facilities, commercial activities, this place is a hub for all.

8.Budapest in Hungary

Budapest is Hungary’s capital and an eye catching city. There are some great monuments in this city which are a prime centre for the tourists. Being the capital it is the centre point for innumerable cultural as well as political activities taking place in the nation. This place’s railway system is the second oldest in the entire world and the people of this place are sports lovers. Many world championships, football matches, European league games etc are conduction in this city.

9.Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town is a port city and is a really stunning place. The beaches are just amazing with crystal clear water and many of them are covered with white sand which gives a heaven like feel. Table Mountain, Robben Island, Victoria and Alfred waterfront, National Park, various galleries and museums, and many other places are there to explore in this majestic city. You will be amazed to see the exotic locations here and it will be a completely refreshing experience.

10.Kyoto in Japan

Kyoto was earlier the capital city of Japan and is located on the Honshu Island. The main highlight of this place is its ancient cultural heritage which reminds of the Old Japan and is a centre for a lot of temples dedicated to Lord Buddha, magnificent gardens, Shinto shrines and many other architectural masterpieces. The thing that multiplies the beauty of this city is the mountain range that covers it from 3 sides and is a fabulous place for hiking as well. You are going to unfold layers of adventure by visiting this out of the world place.

This list will give you a complete idea about some of the most beautiful cities in the world and now it’s time that you have to decide that which place you would like to visit first.

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