Top 10 Different Hair Styles For Men And Women To Try


When it comes to the question of anyone’s looks then the way hair is done, can completely change the overall personality of an individual. Just by getting a right haircut you can look so much more charming and catch everyone’s attention. A nice hairstyle not only adds an extra factor to your personality but can give you the much needed confidence. You need to spend a little time to see that which hairstyle will look the best on you based on the overall shape of your face and you can simply look magnetizing by choosing the best hairstyle.

Today in fashion world, you will come across with different hair styles that will change your face and makes you unique in the crowd. There are 10 different hairstyles which are preferred by men to change their face look which totally depends upon hair.

Layered hairstyle for women

If you are a women and the length of your hair is important to you then you can try the layered hairstyle. You can decide how much length you want for your hair and the number of layers as well. It will add the much needed appeal to your personality and you will look charismatic. You can try slight curls at the end of layers so that it can look even more beautiful and if you like the straight look then you can keep it just like that. Blow dry and you are ready to go out.

Bob cut for women

Bob cut is really in fashion today. If you are okay with the short hair then you can try angled bob cut or if you want the length to be increased then there is long bob cut. Many celebs flaunt this hairstyle with pride and if it suits your face structure then this hairstyle can do wonders to give you a charismatic personality. Getting a bob cut from trained hairstylist can provide you with the best look ever.

Curls for women

Curls never go out of fashion. It gives the much needed volume to your hair. If you have really thin hair and you opt for curling then it will add much more bounce to the hair and you will simply look adorable. Depending on individual choice one can have little curls or completely curled hair. It will completely alter the way you look and people will be surprised with such a makeover.

Blunt bangs for women

If you have straight hair then you can try blunt bang hairstyle. In this a little portion of hair will be covering your forehead and if you have a thin and long face then this haircut will look fantastic on you. You can simply look attractive with this hairstyle. Here you will have the option to have short length, medium length or long hair as per your choice.

Tousled pixie for women

For this hairstyle your hair will be cut short and different layers will be there mostly at the top to give an awesome look. Choose this hairstyle if you are willing to cut your hair really short and mostly women with tomboyish personality love this kind of hairstyle a lot. Many celebrities have flaunted this hairstyle time and again and if you are willing to experiment then it can surely be a nice try.

Short textured haircut for men

Short textured haircut is the favorite of a lot of men because this is an easy to maintain hairstyle and will give a clean and sophisticated look. A beard with this haircut just looks perfect and in this styling the hair is cut appropriately from all the directions in a perfect manner so as to give it a textured look. This hairstyle is suitable for all kinds of occasions and has a touch of classy appeal.

Slicked back hairstyle for men

In this haircut the hair is styled at the back and the sides will have less hair. With the help of hair gel you can keep your hair styled backwards. But the main aspect of this hairstyle is that the hair needs to be a bit longer than usual so that it can easily set in back direction. This haircut is flaunted by all age groups of men and it can provide anyone with a really elegant look.

Side swept haircut for men

In this haircut one side will be having more volume of hair and the other side will be trimmed. Longer the hair the better it is for this type of hairstyle, as a large portion of hair will be flaunted on one side and rest area will remain trimmed. Here a nice hair gel can do wonders in setting the hair in desired direction. Youngsters are a big fan of this hairstyle because it helps in getting a cool look.

Caesar Haircut for men

This hair cut is popular among men because it is short in length which makes them easy to maintain. Along with that, person can easily make spikes by applying some gel or cream. No special maintenance is required for the same.

Angular Fringe for men

This hair cut was seen among different models in 2014 along in 2017. This hair cut can be seen with tapered sides along with keeping the top layer long and cuts at angle. It can be seen with different face shapes but it looks great on round face.

Point to note

It is not necessary that every kind of hairstyle may look good on you. Depending on the face cut, the quality of hair, its length and your other facial features you should go for the hairstyle that will suit you the best. An experienced hairstylist can guide you completely that which hairstyle is going to look the best on you and then you can select from the available choices. Thus these are above famous hairstyles’ which are preferred among men and women for better look which make them unique and attractive among the crowd.

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