How to make weight loss with simple change of food items?

Weight Loss

Food item 2: walnuts

A walnut is the top most nuts among other nuts which give much goodness especially it helps to keep brain health. The walnut is rich in vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, manganese, omega 3 fatty acid, copper and neuroprotective compounds. The antioxidant contents in the walnut prevents the people get affected from diabetes which is mainly caused due to ellagic presence in the body. Thus the antioxidant content in the walnut acts as insulin resistance by avoiding inflammation. These walnuts even helps to reduce your weight since it is rich in protein and fibre it makes you feel fuller for long time and help you stop eating snacks which cause you to get over weight. It is preferred to take 10 grams of walnuts to get 65.4 calories.

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