7 Paid iPad and iPhone Apps Gone Free Today – 29 July 2019

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7 Paid iPad and iPhone Apps Gone Free Today – 29 July 2019

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1) Wave Wave

* Fearless game play.

* Fall into ‘the zone’ where your brain switches off.

* Overcome mind-to-finger-to-screen latency.

* Includes incredible 8 track album ‘Parallel Processing’.

* 4 modes of play, 5 difficulties, 10 challenges.

* 5 insurmountable Game Center Achievements.

* Play Versus Mode and take it in turns to win.

* Record game play on-device to share online.

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2) Fill me up – Block Fitting Puz

Fill the grid with oddly shaped puzzle pieces provided to beat the level!

Seems easy enough, well it is at first, but gets progressively harder as you work your way through 50 hand crafted levels.

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3) PXL – mosaic art

Let’s share the photo collage art to all over the world.

– One and only photo collage art in the world

– Fast sharing

PXL (Pixel) creates a new mosaic art using your memories that were taken by smart phone.

Let’s color the world with your memories.

PXL is designed to create printable mosaic art. You can print:

– Wedding welcome board

– Anniversary posters

– Gift for your precious one

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4) Frutorious

One day while Mr and Mrs Fruts were having a picnic, an evil skull called Pedro appeared and turned all their friends into FRUITS!

Control Mr Fruts while he and his best friend ‘Frutorious F.I.G.’ embark on a rather silly platform puzzling adventure to rescue his friends.

Nominated for two TIGA awards: Best Casual Game and Audio Design

‘Cool Game’ – James Mielke, Pixel Junk Games

‘bloody brilliant’ – Rob Fearon, OwVideogames

‘cute and colorful’ – Appolicious.com

‘plays quite a bit like the unholy spawn of Angry Birds with your favourite 80s platformer of choice’ – Indiegames.com

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5) Zoo Sounds – Safe Toddler Fun


Designed with babies as young as 8-9 months in mind, the app is gentle with its visual and auditory stimulation. No flashing, rapid motion or harsh sounds.


Each colorful animal is animated to appear alive and sets in motion when pressed to interest and engage your little one.


Tap the leaf button or shake the phone to get a set of new randomized animals and a new background color each time for endless always-new fun!


It’s crazy that some apps for little kids are stuffed with ads and popups, and are built with confusing menus and settings. Our game is as simple as it gets, and that’s the beauty 🙂

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6) PopStar with Undo

Game rule


– Tap two or more blocks, which are same color

– No time limit, once you meet target you can promote to next level


– Tap two or more blocks, which are same color

– Tap the blocks as more and fast as you can

– The more block you tap once, the more time will be added

– When level up the time drain will be faster

– Once time up it will game over

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7) Find the Ball

“The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room.”


> Press play

> One Tap on Cup

> Smile 😀

Did you find the easter egg?

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