12 trips everyone should undertake in Europe 2020


Europe sounds a good idea! While some places may be better than the others and hereby we have combined the ultimate list of 2017. From celebrating the independence of Finland or embarking on a high speed train in France, hereby are the list of 12 trips that everyone should venture in Europe.


This Mediterranean island nation has been brought into limelight by “The game of thrones” As a visitor you can expect tonnes of history along with world heritage sites. This includes the capital Vellata that has seven temples referred to as some of the oldest in the world. This place is also famous for its beautiful beaches along with harbours filled with boats


All over your Facebook feeds, you would come across Iceland. It has been one of the top preferred destinations of Americans in the last year. The trend resembles no form of abating, as the country is safe. It is a short and inexpensive flight to reach the place and the views are stunning from the Blue lagoon to the Gulfoss waterfall.

Lisbon, Portugal

If you are looking for a combination of travel and leisure, then this place has to be it. It is being termed as one of the top tourist destinations in the world and without a visit to Lisbon you will be missing something for sure. This city has some beautiful churches, historical landmarks along with museums. In addition to this it is cheaper when you compare it to the other countries of Europe and flying from the east coast of America is cheaper. You can check on the century old wooden trams that still lurch across the seven steep hills where the city bears ground. This city positions itself across the backdrop of the Atlantic ocean.


The legendary wildness of this place is the pivotal point as there are 40 national parks, 6 national hiking regions along with 12 wilderness areas. It is the perfect place for all the adventure freaks and one of the places to be seen in Northern lights. It is near the Arctic circle that can be seen for 200 days in a year. Even better is the fact that in the year 2017, it marks 100 years of the independence of the country which it is going to celebrate with one person per season.


Is similar to Croatia in a lot of ways, with some breath-taking beaches and boasting stunning coastal lines. In fact, there are about 180 miles of beaches and coastlines in this place. But the silver lining is that it is less expensive and is not so crowded unlike the other countries of Europe. Ideally go on to visit the place before the secret rolls out.

Aarhus, Denmark

It happens to be the second largest city of Denmark, and is credited with the tag of being the European capital of culture in 2017. In this city a new type of rail light system is going to be incorporated by the coming year that is going to make getting round the city much easier. Do not miss the thriving Nordic food scene along with the Aarhus Kunstmuseum that is the oldest public museum in the city.

St Petersburg, Russia

It is credited with the tag of being the best among the European travel destinations by the World travel awards for the second year in a row. The churches and the ornate places coupled with the rich history does make it an attractive tourist destination for the travellers.

Bordeaux, France

With the introduction of a new speed train service in the present year, all it requires is a two-hour trip now between Paris and Bordeaux. This is apart from the long withstanding culinary and rich wine scenario of this place. This does make it a must visit French city in the year of 2017.

Modena, Italy

There is no harm in evolving a trip around eating and food. So why not head to the top of the cherry? In fact, Osteria Francescana, in Modena Italy was voted as the best restaurant in the list of the top 50 restaurants of the world. Here you can go on try the five ages of Parmigiano, dish which is modelled of the famous cheese of the region that is classified by temperature, taste and texture.

Belfast, Iceland

What is surprising is that a little known attraction of Iceland, has gone on to become more popular than the Eiffel tower. You can visit this place to catch the famous attraction of Titanic, and according to the world travel awards has been voted as the top travel destination in Europe of 2016. The vote did come from several thousand travel professionals coupled with members of the public. This wonder does feature replica cabins, along with a walking trip of the ship where the original conception of the ship had taken place.

London, UK

The Brexit has indeed weakened the pound, which ideally makes it one of the best times to travel to this place. London being a costly place, in recent times due to the low rates has gone on to attract tourists from all over the globe.


A country which is rated highly in terms of cleanliness, and beauty, it does highlight beautiful views and that has to include the snow-capped mountains. Canton Uri, a place which is in the middle of the region, was named as one of the top destinations to visit by National Geographic channel in the year 2017.
So from our discussion till now these are the 12 major wonders which anyone can hardly afford to miss in this year. While some places are left to be explored the others are packed to capacity. Whatever place you choose it is suggested that you plan your trip well in advance and do a little bit of homework about that place. All this helps you to be prepared well before time on what to expect and not look at a surprise.

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