12 Trips Everyone Should Undertake In Europe 2018

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5. Montenegro


Is similar to Croatia in a lot of ways, with some breath-taking beaches and boasting stunning coastal lines. In fact, there are about 180 miles of beaches and coastlines in this place. But the silver lining is that it is less expensive and is not so crowded unlike the other countries of Europe. Ideally go on to visit the place before the secret rolls out.

6. Aarhus, Denmark


It happens to be the second largest city of Denmark, and is credited with the tag of being the European capital of culture in 2017. In this city a new type of rail light system is going to be incorporated by the coming year that is going to make getting round the city much easier. Do not miss the thriving Nordic food scene along with the Aarhus Kunstmuseum that is the oldest public museum in the city.