10 Exercises For Chest


People all over the world are becoming conscious of the fact that how important it is to take care of one’s body. The best thing that we can do to boost our metabolism and to lead a healthy life is none other than exercising. Exercising will not only give you the perfect body that you always dreamt of but will make your mind and body much more active. While the exercise routine can be concerned with any specific part of the body for which you wish to achieve perfection, but chest is the most important area that a lot of people are concerned about. Here you will get all the information about some of the best exercises for chest.

1. Pushups

Pushups are something which you must be already aware of, but you must be unaware about the fact that it is a great exercise for the chest region. The plank position is already covered in this exercise that helps in strengthening the core muscles. Take more time for resting when you are on the top position, exerting the pressure on your legs and hands. It will give strength to the whole abdominal area and you can have the perfect chest that you wanted.

2.Chest press exercise on a seated machine

This exercise can be performed in a gym or in home if you have a machine press setup. It is a really good option if you are considering building up chest muscles. In this type of exercise there is an advantage that you will not have to worry that much about assisting your shoulder area. Whether you wish to have fast movements or slow movements you can easily decide and how much time you would like to spend is also totally up to you. Begin with fewer rounds initially and then speed up the process.

3.The Dumbbell Flyes move

Dumbbell Flyes can be great for building the chest muscles and most of the people will recommend you this exercise if you are focusing on building chest muscles. But you need to monitor your position carefully so that the exercise can be performed without any sort of overexertion. Don’t allow your shoulders to rotate that much and for checking this you can bend your elbows a little when you are bringing your hands downwards. By keeping this point in mind you will protect your shoulders from unnecessary strain.

4.Push up with a single arm

It is more difficult than a simple pushup but it is a really nice exercise for strengthening the chest region. Lay down on the ground on your stomach with legs wide spread, keep one hand forward with palm resting on the ground and one hand besides your back. Slowly raise your body upwards from the ground level using the strength of your legs and single hand. Continue the up and down movements, and you can alter the hand after few rounds. You can notice the results of this exercise within a few weeks.

5.Barbell bench press exercise

Barbell bench press is one of the highly preferred exercises for chest region and the reason for saying so is that you will be moving weights in this exercise. Many people regard it as a better exercise than lifting dumbbells as in this exercise the body position can be more controlled. This is not a difficult exercise and under the supervision of a gym trainer you can be perfectly guided that what should be the correct weights in the beginning and the exact strategy as well.

6.Barbell incline bench press exercise

It is different from the normal barbell bench press because here the position of your back is going to be inclined and it is one of the most preferred positions if you are targeting on building the chest region. The flat bench movement has a disadvantage that sometimes you can over pressurize your shoulder region and this thing is completely taken care of in this version of exercise. Try it for few weeks and you can see amazing results for yourself.

7.Drop push exercise

This kind of exercise basically involves using plyometric movements and can be done at home as well as in a gym. Here you will require 2 stands that should be small and of the same size. Keep them at a little distance from each other in a straight line. Keep your legs straight beside and then begin elevating and lowering the body resulting in a drop push movement. Try with a few rounds initially so that your body can adjust to this exercise and once you are used to it, you can increase your timing.

8.Exercising using incline bench cable fly

Incline bench cable fly is one of the great exercises for chest region, and apart from building the chest muscles it helps in increasing the strength of joints as well. The continuous stretching process and releasing of the cable provides a complete workout for the chest area and you can begin with a few sets initially say around 10 to 12. Once your body is a little adjusted to this exercise then you can have more rounds, and increase your speed as well.

9.The chest squeeze pushup exercise

In this exercise the main thing that you will need is the pair of dumbbells. The basic trick that you need to follow while doing this exercise is that you have to squeeze the dumbbells while you are doing the pushup. In this way a stimulus is created and that is a great thing for developing chest muscles. The dumbbells should be in parallel position lying together and then you can begin the pushup by holding the handles with your hand. Try to maintain a straight position during the exercise.

10.The incline dumbbell bench press

In an inclined position you can have a better control over your body and incline dumbbell bench press helps in targeting the clavicular region of the chest. In this exercise you will be required to lie on a bench that must be inclined at around 45 degrees angle and then begin exercising with your dumbbells. Try to keep your arms straight during the exercise and make sure that the direction of palms is facing the feet. It is a good option to explore in your exercising routine.

This list covers some of the best exercises for chest. Some of these can be easily done at home and for some you may need to go to the gym where you can find necessary equipments and machineries. Try them for getting desired results.

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