10 Best Workouts For Perfect Body Shape


Each and every woman is familiar with those tricky trouble zones, that takes a little extra effort to fine tune those lower abs. After a lot of exercise, basically by trial and error method, I have gone on to find a set of moves that will allow me to stay in shape and be confident about myself. Hereby are mentioned 10 exercises which has worked wonders for my inner thighs, booty, stomach, shoulder in addition on how to add them to your daily routine as well.

Single leg dead-lift

You are bound to love this exercise as it tones and lifts the glutes and activates the entire core. This helps you to prevent back pain.
Catch hold of a pair of dumbbells and stay on your left foot. The right foot should be lifted around you and the knee should be bend so that the right lower leg is parallel to the floor. Once you come up, restore to the use of glutes in order to push the hips instead of opting to lift them from the back. The core and the chest should be engaged during the entire movement of the exercise.

Side plan

This is a secret recipe, to shrink and tighten the waist line. The work out of the deep abdominal muscle happens which many exercises dare to reach.
You should lie on the left side, with the knees straight. The upper body should be positioned on the left elbow and the forearm. The hips should be rinsed unless the body forms a straight line from the ankles to the shoulders. Hold on to the position for 30 seconds and then turn around and repeat the position from the right side.

Push up

It is a classical exercise which works your whole body. It burns a significant amount of calories and does tighten your chest muscles
You would need to get down on all the fours and hands on the floor so that they are slightly wider and in line with your shoulders. Lower the body till the chest touches the floor and then push back to the starting position. Keep your hips lifted and ensure that the core does remain the same.

Second position piles

This is a ballet position which sculpts the inner thighs and tones down the butt for lean legs.
You would need to stand with your feet wider than the shoulder width apart with the toes turned out slightly. The body should be lowered by bending down your knees till your thighs become parallel with the floor. Your arms should be brought overhead and the shoulders down and back as well. Pause and then slowly push yourself back to the starting position.

Cardio intervals

It is a high level intensity training which burns a lot of calories in the shortest time frame possible in comparison to the long and boring exercise.
You can go on to choose any type of cardio equipment like thread mill or rope and then repeat the process 10 times. Ideally it should be done at 3 minutes of 50 % of your maximum effort, 20 seconds at 75 % of your maximum effort and 10 seconds at the maximum effort.

Extension of the triceps

This is the favourite exercise of many for toning down the back and the shoulders. You can use weights and then perform this exercise.
You can come into a lunge position, with the back heel on the ground. You can then lean over the front bent as the arm is lifted straight by your side. The top of the weight goes on to face the ceiling. You would need to lift and lower down the 2 to 3-pound weight about an inch which works out to be 30 times on each side of it.

Step ups

This exercise lays emphasis on the hamstrings or glutes and it also works your quadriceps since they strengthen your knee against any form of resistance.
You can stand in front of a bench or step and place your feet firmly on top of it. The left foot should be placed on the step and the body should be pushed up till the left leg is straight. Then lower the body till it goes on touch the floor and then repeat. Keep the chest up and core engaged for the entire duration.


They are not only the perfect exercise for a rounded gear, but they will also make your back pain free and healthy.
You would need to lie face up on the floor with the knees bent and the feet should be flat on the ground. The hips should be raised so that the body is in a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Then pause in the up position, then go on to lower down the body to the starting position.

Plank with raising the arm

When you add an arm it is an excellent exercise like the plank, which does improve your posture and core strength. In the process you tend to feel a lot confident, taller as well.
You would need to get up into a start-up position, but then bend the elbows and the weight should be laid on the forearms instead of your hands. The body should be in a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. The core should be braced and the hip placement should be maintained. Hold on to the position for 10 to 15 seconds.

Shoulder stand

You cannot deny the fact that there are so many physical and mental effects associated with yoga. The inversion procedures are a great way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
You should lie down on your back and the legs or hips should be lifted off the ground. Your hands should be placed behind your back and the legs should be straight in the air. A straight line should be created from the head to the shoulders. The neck should be relaxed.

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