10 Amazing Fish Recipes For A High-protein, Low-Calorie Diet

4) Fish curry


Fish curry


Fry onions using olive oil. After that add tomatoes. Stir the mixture well and add salt, pepper, red chili powder, coconut, a little turmeric. Prepare this paste by stirring it occasionally on medium flame. Keep this paste aside for some time. Now marinate the fish with ginger and garlic paste, some chili powder, turmeric and very little salt. Take a non stick pan and fry the marinated fish using some oil for a little while. The paste that you prepared before needs to be added to a mixer for blending. You can add some water to the paste to make it fine. Now take a vessel and fry some cumin seeds using a little oil. Add the paste and some curry leaves and stir it. Add some water to this mixture to make gravy and add the fish pieces that you marinated. Cook until the fish is soft and tender and check that it should be fully cooked. Your dish is ready for serving.